Power Sub Stations

Votex Ltd was involved in the installation of 33 Kva Mwea sub-station. The company was involved in the construction of the civil work as indicated below:-
1. Preparation of site work that included area grading, gantry foundation, LA & PI foundation, CB foundation, CT foundation, CVT/VT foundation, Isolator foundation, Boundary wall, Approach road, Road inside sub-station, and area drainage system.
2. Transformer foundation, this included the construction of power transformer foundation, grating fixing, burnt oil tank and fire protection wall and auxiliary transformer foundation.
3. Switchgear Building. Plinth level, wall, roofing, door and windows, sanitary items
4. Cable trench internal cable trench, external cable trench and trench covers.

Category :

Power & Energy

Date :

November 7, 2017

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