This code of conduct has been formulated to help the organization’s employees understand the standards of personal and professional behaviors they are required to maintain as they perform their duties. This document, which applies to all employees merely, provides basic guidelines. It is the responsibility of each and every employee to ensure that ethical decision making becomes part of our day to day dealings with people we serve and our fellow employees


The management expects honesty, truthfulness, faithfulness, forthrightness, trust, reliability, dependability and commitment to hard work, from all staffs that have opted and agreed to work with Votex.


Members of staff are expected to treat their colleagues and seniors with respect.  This respect should be reciprocated top bottom and bottom up.

Dress code

Members of staff are expected to conform to the dress code: Formal / official code, smart casuals and clean clothing for all personnel.

Time keeping

Time keeping is part of reliability and dependability. Employees should plan their time well, seek advice if in difficulties. Employees will be called upon to work beyond the hours stipulated by the organization’s rules and regulation due to the demands and nature of their work. The head of departments will be expected to communicate such hours to the management so that appropriate arrangements are made.


All personnel must practice a high standard of hygiene on self and the Company environment. All shelves, floors, counters, desks, equipment must be thoroughly clean at all times.  Each person is responsible for the area and equipment they work in.


The Company employees are required to exercise maximum safety precautions for themselves and their colleagues.


You are required to keep confidential, any information that comes to you by virtue of your employment and position as per the Company’s rules and regulations.

Disciplinary action

Any act of commission or omission, which puts the Company into dispute, undesirable expenditure, and personal injury, loss of life or bad reputation, is considered negligent.  Disciplinary action may be preferred against the responsible employees.

Rules apply to all

These rules apply to all members of staff under the various terms and conditions of employment.

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