• Votex Ltd is committed to fostering a work environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity.

Recruitment of staff

  • The organization ensures equal employment opportunity for all employees without discrimination or harassment on basis of race, colour, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability or any other status protected by law. It is the policy of the company to comply with all applicable local, state and federal rules concerning equal employment opportunity and the prevention of discrimination and harassment
  • Formal engagement / employment by the organization must be preceded by clear evidence of possession of appropriate credentials and satisfactory performance at selection interviews
  • All newly recruited employees will, upon receiving offer of employment, be informed of the terms and conditions applicable to them on appointment


  • The Human Resource Manager will issue appointment letters specifying job titles, salary and any other appropriate allowances and benefits. All appointments shall become effective from the date of assumption of duty.

  Policy on Leave

  • It is the organization’s policy to promote and maintain a healthy work force and as a way of achieving this, employees will be granted adequate leave of absence.
  • Except where specified, all staff shall be entitled to 26 working days leave with full pay per annum. All employees will be required to take their annual leave as it falls due
  • Study and examination leave days will be given at the discretion of the organization’s but not exceeding 12 days in any one year.
  • The Human Resource Department in liaison with the concerned head of department has discretion to provide staff with time off to deal with exceptional personal issues
  • An employee who is granted sick leave will be entitled to receive full pay and benefits for the first 30 days of such leave; followed by another 15 days at 1/2 pay and full benefits
  • A female employee will be entitled to 90-calendar days maternity leave with full pay and benefits once in any leave year. The employee will also be entitled to her annual leave.

  Payroll policy

  • Employees of the organization’s will receive remuneration and make statutory deductions according to their contracts of employment via the organization’s payroll

 Cessation of Employment

  • Cessation of employment shall include employees leaving the organization either through resignation, retirement, redundancy or dismissal. This will also include any other form of termination. In all cases the organizations shall ensure fairness. The contract signed by both the organization and the employee shall be followed.

 Code of Conduct

  • The code of conduct has been formulated to help the organizations employees understand the standards of personal and professional behavior they are required to maintain as they perform their duties. All employees should be given a copy of code of conduct.

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